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Sachs Property underpins its property selection with deeply researched economic analysis and provides clients with access to a panel of independent professionals to assist them build a global portfolio. We advocate client education as well as investment structuring for wealth, family and tax planning. Investors are comforted in the knowledge that Sachs principals and partners and have invested across these deals alongside investors and can help navigate your journey.

Why Sachs Property?

Our team has been tasked with investingĀ in global assets around the globe for wealthy families and found it difficult to work with the variety of ‘professionals’ to find and execute good property deals. We have been investing for over 15 years, between Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong and Fiji and wanted to offer the very same service that we provide our wealthy clients, to the public, working on the same or similar properties we invest in ourselves. When was the last time you bought a property from someone who had already invested in the same project? Sachs property is the solution for the busy Hong Kong family wanting well-executed, deeply researched and well priced property deals.

The Difference?

Sachs property is not a developer.

We are investors, and have invested in our own property deals.

Deep research.

Because we have invested, we have the know-how around offshore structuring: do you buy your property through a family trust, an onshore local company or in your own name? And how does that affect your after tax returns and your mortgage lending? What if the government regulations change, then what? Sachs property understands more than simply the sqft of the property you are buying.

Professional Partners.

We have tried and tested professional partners. We can recommend them because we have used them! We have tax opinions on company structures and bankers that can navigate offshore borrowers.


Our prices are competitive to market and we have pre-negotiated professional partner rates.